Garage Apocalypse

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Garage Apocalypse

Garage Apocalypse


Garage Apocalypse game added on 28 Aug 2018 at FreeGamesIn under categories 3D, Free, Gun, Killing, Shooting, Strategy, Survival Horror, Undead, Unity3D, WebGL, Zombies to play for free. The game has 1,720 views as of now. Garage Apocalypse rated 3.5 by 4 users.

Garage Apocalypse Game added at Lulati under verticals 3D,Free,Gun,Killing,Shooting,Strategy,Survival Horror,Undead,Unity3D,WebGL,Zombies on 2018-08-28 07:41:10. In the distant world, the end of the world came and the third world war began. Our character was able to hide in the garage and survive it all. But the trouble is that all the dead people rebelled as a zombie. Now we are in the game Garage Apocalypse will have to help our character survive. He will be in the garage where the car is. With the help of a special toolbar you can help him to do repairs. Also pay attention to the doors and windows and if you need to repair them. If your garage is attacked by a zombie, you will need to use your weapon. Point your way at the zombies and shoot them accurately with a pistol. Enjoy free games now!

Game controls:  Interact  Aim  Move Camera  Pause


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